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Pou Sante Amar Haiti depends entirely on donations from individuals like you. Through your support our team is able to maintain its annual trips to Quartier Morin and continue carrying out our mission. Donations of any amount are a significant contribution to our cause, and we are extremely grateful for your support. In addition, due to our 501(c)3 nonprofit status your donation is tax exempt!

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On behalf of the entire team,

thank you for your donation!

Understanding the impact of your donation:



Haiti has the highest rabies burden in the western hemisphere. In the USA we have controlled the disease in our domestic animal population with a robust vaccination program. When individuals are bitten by a suspect rabid animal, life-saving post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is initiated immediately. In Haiti access to PEP is extremely limited. Without PEP anyone bitten by a rabid animal will become neurologic and die. Unfortunately children are the most common victims of rabies.  We vaccinate all animals that we work with. Help us save lives by donating $95, which is the cost of 25 doses of rabies vaccines.



It costs roughly $300 – 400 USD to send a child to school each year in Haiti. Donating $200 USD will allow us to provide basic veterinary care (routine deworming and vaccinations) for a family herd of 5 goats for one year. This will enable a family to sell 4 of these goats for $80 USD per goat ($320 total) and send a child to school for the year.


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