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June 2014

What a trip! This trip focused on strengthening our ties with the local farmers by meeting with them, learning about what their needs are, and understanding how we can better cater to these needs. We also honed in on some key areas where we could have a real impact on their health and well-being of their animals, which inevitably helps the farmer. Aside from exchanging ideas with the farmers, we also expanded our clinic to neighboring towns. Our goal was to reach more farmers, treat more animals, and have a greater impact - and it worked! We had multiple clinic days in Thibeau, Coronel, and Dubre. In total our team treated over 800 animals with vaccines, dewormers, and more! What's more is that we were able to impact the lives of more farmers than ever before.

Our next big trip is scheduled for August, 2015. We will hold multiple workshops in the same three towns we worked in in June, 2014. These workshops will focus on tackling common medical issues we've seen in their animals in the past, using tangeable solutions. For example, one workshop will focus on teaching farmers how to avoid causing harm to their horse's backs by placing "donuts" ontop of their backs, and underneath the loads carried by these horses. This will allow the farmer to use the work horse more frequently because the horse will not need time to recover from cuts, bruises, and infections. 

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