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June 2018

Our most recent trip to Quartier Morin took place this past June. Over 10 days, we ran 21 low cost veterinary clinics for the community of northern Haiti and treated 1,373 animals - an increase of 300 animals compared to 2017! This included physical exams, vaccinations, parasite treatments, hoof trims, pregnancy checks, castrations, wound care, and more. Though we were quite tired on our flight home, it was such a fulfilling feeling to know we could help make such an impact in such a short amount of time. 


One of our most exciting accomplishments this year was the ability to work with Haitian vet agents throughout the course of our trip. These students are completing a veterinary program that gives them the skills to provide many of these same veterinary services to the community; we hope that by introducing more of the community to the vet agents, they will be utilized by the community more frequently. We also visited the Université Notre Dame d'Haïti and were able to co-run one of our veterinary clinics with their agricultural students, many of whom are interested in food security and sustainable farming. They enjoyed learning about animal care with us and want to work together more to show the community how animal, human, and environmental health are so closely intertwined. We are currently working on establishing a year-round relationship with these students and connect them with the vet agents, so that in the next few years they will have the tools to run similar veterinary clinics themselves without the need for us to travel to Haiti.

We continue to be amazed by the exponential growth of this project year after year - who knows what this coming year will hold! 

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