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Our Goal

Pou Sante means ‘for health’ in Haitian Creole. We are working with a community in northern Haiti towards a comprehensive "One Health" approach to improving human and animal health. Our aim is to:

  • Work with farmers to improve their herd management, health, and productivity to optimize sustainable goat production

  • Empower farmers to lead by example and improve herd management practices and animal health throughout the community

  • Provide low cost veterinary clinics to the community each June in conjunction with Haitian veterinary agent students (students completing a degree similar to that of a veterinary technician)

  • Provide realistic and attainable solutions for farmers to address common health and management issues, such a parasitism and malnutrition


It is important to recognize that the ultimate goal of this project should be to establish a model of sustainable veterinary care in Haiti that is 100% Haitian run. We hope to work with veterinary personnel and students in Haiti to create the infrastructure needed to run year-round veterinary clinics and a permanent veterinary pharmacy. The biggest challenges to this are financial limitations, the need for more widespread technical veterinary education, and the logistical challenge of providing a steady stream of supplies year round without having to rely on volunteers.

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