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Open Air Market, Thibeau, Haiti

The Problem

The majority of Haitians face countless obstacles including restricted access to safe drinking water, consistent sources of food, income, education, medical care, and more. Raising livestock for nutrition and income can be a valuable option for families that are struggling to find their way out of poverty. Unfortunately, those who invest in animals face production loses due to parasite control, poor quality genetics, limited forage, unremitting natural disasters, and environmental degradation. Veterinary personnel and resources are limited; the lack of an efficient method to disseminate information and provide training further compounds this situation. Pou Sante uses a comprehensive approach to human and animal health with the goal of providing access to animal health technology, resources, and education necessary to sustainably produce food animals in Haiti.


Did you know?

A healthy cow is worth about $600 dollars to a Haitian farmer.

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